Creating and sending proposals online

The provision of a proposal to a potential client is an important step in your presentation. By providing your proposals online using Offorte, you increase their impact and maximise your results.

Optimised proposal process

You can easily send your proposal from within Offorte and you'll be notified by email when your proposal is opened by your client. The online proposal viewer contains the possibility to ask questions, download a pdf version and sign the proposal digitally.


Proposal software benefits

Increased proposal acceptance.
Thanks to improved response times and better content that captures the imagination, more proposals are accepted.

Save valuable time.
The clever templates and library make creating and amending a proposal quick and easy, and allow less room for mistakes. Formatting is automatic so your proposals always look professional and consistent with your company's branding.

Greater insight into your sales process.
Immediate notification when one of your proposals is opened means you are on hand to respond to your prospect's needs when it counts. With all of your proposals and their individual statistics centralised in a handy overview, you'll have more control over your sales process.

Surprise your prospect.
Who likes to read through a boring, printed manuscript? Surprise your prospect with a proposal suited to their needs and a presentation that captures the imagination; their decision is more likely to go your way.

Refined presentation.
By utilising online presentation options such as YouTube, your proposals will capture the imagination of your prospects. Formatting is done automatically, so your presentations always look sharp and professional.

Work smarter, together.
You will finally have insight into the best of your colleagues' proposals as well as your own. Share content and search for material in each other's documents. Offorte turns work into teamwork.

Low cost.
There are no expensive installation- and licensing costs, just a low, monthly sum that gives you access to an extensive proposal software package that is continuously being developed and updated.

Faster response.
Being able to ask or answer a question from directly inside your proposal and, more importantly, knowing when a proposal is being viewed by a prospect, gives you the opportunity to strike while the iron's hot!

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