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View the most recent updates to the proposal application. Product development is done based on valuable feedback from our customers and of course also based on our vision. We started Offorte in 2010, since then we brought numerous updates.

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Work in progress

Another maintenance update has been made this week. There are no major changes, but mostly minor optimizations.

Work in progress on the new proposal editor
Behind the scenes, we are working hard on a completely new proposal editor. Great steps are being taken and a number of much-requested features such as a comprehensive undo history are currently being implemented. Most of our focus will be in the development of the editor in the coming period.

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Maintenance Update

Just now we pushed a new update. Its a maintenance release with no big changes.

  • Added email link support in editor
  • Correction of link in email when customer first views proposal
  • Formatting pricing table rules via API optimized
  • Several infrastructure optimizations

Work on new proposal editor started
Behind the scenes, a completely new proposal editor is being worked on. This creates a foundation for many future extensions and allows you to create multiple types of layouts yourself. The new editor is rebuilt from scratch, which takes a lot of time to do this right, hence other updates are limited to the minimum until the editor is ready. All feedback we received from users about the editor, of course, are included in the new editor.

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A new update has been released which, in addition to various technical optimizations behind the scenes, also makes some new functionalities available.

Below is an overview of the most important improvements:

  • Account settings: There is now the option to set an image of your signature for the agreement page
  • Email: the links in the notification emails now refer to the proposal details
  • Personalization: a page number tag has been added
  • Automations: when copying an automation from your favorites to a proposal, the date is set to the future
  • API: if you try to create a business and it already exists, you will now get the ID of that existing company
  • Webhooks: the option to set the content type of the message has been added
  • Various small optimizations

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Trends & Insights

To give our customers more insights, we have developed a new feature that is packed with valuable data. Data that allows you to see how you stand in terms of sales and what expectations are. The information gives you important details about what you do well in the proposal process and where you can make improvements. The new feature is immediately available to all Premium users. Read more about these new Premium features on the following blog: Trends & Insights.

In addition, various adjustments have been made:

  • Total proposal amount is now automatically updated based on your proposal content with possibility to manually override this amount
  • Status changes are now more fully logged in the proposal history and have been added retroactively based on averages
  • Preview bar in proposal view if you are logged in as Offorte user
  • Several error fixes and improvements

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Multiple signers

The main role in this update is the ability to make one or more signers mandatory before your proposal is accepted. For example, you can now assign multiple people as needed to sign, and you can configure contacts so they can only see the proposal, but not sign it. Further, small optimizations and improvements have been made:

  • With favorite proposals you can now better set the default design and text templates used, these are also used when creating a new proposal
  • In the favorites pages and paragraphs you can now also set the design and text templates
  • There is now the opportunity to copy a design template
  • The proposal in the API shows the price table ID
  • Several small improvements

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A.I. Textwriter

We make writing your proposal easier with a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you create texts. The new function writes texts and variations for you based on a little bit of human input. Use the tool to get started and brainstorm together to create the perfect text. Read more about this new innovative tool on the following blog: AI Textwriter.

Various optimizations have also been carried out and small functionalities have been added. The most important items are:

  • Detection of multiple proposal editors who want to change the same proposal
  • Various international settings improvements (date, timezones, price formatting, etc.)
  • Language selection when creating a new text template
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Several minor bugs fixed
  • New video tutorials

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Extended proposal analytics

Via the proposals details you can now view extended statistics of your proposal. In addition to a summary, you can see, for example, how often your pages have been viewed, which links have been clicked and much more. Lots of valuable information for your sales and proposal process to be able to win even more great orders and make your proposals even smarter.

Several improvements
The past weeks, various optimizations and improvements have been carried out. The changes have been put live in phases. Below you will find a summary of the most important items:

  • Big performance improvements so system is quicker
  • Option to add pricetable rows when creating a new proposal using the API
  • Small bugfixes in pricetables and proposal editor
  • User interface optimisations
  • Proposal viewer remember page navigation

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Automations & Reminders

With the new Automations & Reminders functionalities you can automate your proposal process even further. Plan the day you want to send your proposal, send reminders to your customer and follow up with smart messages. Read more about these new Premium functionalities on the following blog: Automations & reminders for your proposals

The way in which you can select personalization tags and use them in your proposals has been improved. With the new dropdown menu you can easily and quickly find the right tag. This is then automatically copied to your clipboard so that you can paste it directly into your proposals and emails. Various new fields have also been added: proposal name, status, version, number and link. So you can now place the proposal link in your emails wherever you want.

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New pricing summary table paragraph

A new type of paragraph has been added to Offorte that gives an overview of the total prices of all price tables in your proposal. So if you regularly work with multiple price tables in a proposal, you can now create a nice overview.

Add the Price Table Summary to your proposal and label your normal price tables. You can do this via the settings of the relevant paragraph. You can also indicate that a price table may not be shown in the overview.

Furthermore, the price table itself now has the option to hide the quantities and unit price from a customer. You can also arrange this via the settings in the paragraph.

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Change design template from within proposal editor

It is now possible to edit a design template in the proposal editor. This will give you an immediate preview of your adjustments. The functionality can be found in the action menu

Small improvements
Several small improvements have been made, including the ability to show only your own proposals in the proposals list. Handy if you work with a team within Offorte. Furthermore, we now add the contacts of a company to your new proposal by default, which saves you a few clicks.

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New proposal templates

Several new proposal templates have been added. They can be used directly as a template when you create new proposals with the proposal software. As soon as you use a proposal template as a starting point for your new proposal, we automatically copy the design template for you to your settings.

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Improvements & new functionalities

This update contains many minor optimisations and improvements. In addition, the API has been expanded with new functionalities. Below is a list of the most important items:

  • Products and product folders management via API
  • The ability to read price tables from a proposal via the API
  • You can now resize images more easily once you've inserted them within your text
  • Maximum upload size is now 50mb
  • Premium subscription has space for 2000 products
  • If you go to the preview / send screen in the proposal editor, your proposal will now be automatically saved
  • You can now also change the company on the shipping screen
  • Various minor improvements

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Sending email with your own domain

Within Offorte we use a method whereby we send email with optimized settings where the sender address is an Offorte domain. This is to optimize the delivery as well as avoiding the spam box. Since today a new method has been added. You can now email from your own domain. This way you use the reputation of your domain for sending email with Offorte. We use an optimized service to realize this and to be able to guarantee even better delivery.

To use this new functionality you need a Premium subscription. You can start setting up via "settings> account> custom e-mail domain".

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Zapier integration & new API features

The Zapier integration is live! With the new Zapier connection, Offorte helps you connect your apps and proposal system without the need for technical knowledge. With Zapier you can connect apps, create optimal workflows and automate tasks in no time.

API features
In addition to the Zapier integration, there have also been various extensions to the API, for example, it is now possible to make and send proposals via the API. Web hooks have also been added. For more API information, go to the documentation page

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System upgrade

Today a major upgrade has been performed on the Offorte servers and infrastructure. Various architectural updates have also been carried out. Results include a faster application (in some cases even 50% faster!) And a strong basis for developing new functionalities.

Several minor improvements have also been made to the application.

New affiliate program

Last week we started a new affiliate & referral program. With this program, existing customers & affiliates can earn 20% commission on every new customer brought in. Are you happy with Offorte, share it with the world and in addition to our eternal gratitude, it also provides you with a nice advantage. Click here for more information regarding the affiliate referral program

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