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View the 10 most recent updates to the proposal application. Product development is done based on valuable feedback from our customers and of course also based on our vision. We started Offorte in 2010, since then we brought numerous updates.

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Design update

After the website, the Offorte applicatie has had a design update. The design is now more in line with the new identity and is easier to read. In addition to the design update, various technical improvements have been made, making Offorte faster. Technical preparations have also been made for future functionalities.


The functionalities surrounding the making of a new offer have been updated. The flow is now easier and there is the possibility to use an example as a starting point for your new proposal.

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Several optimisations

The past weeks, various optimizations have been carried out and small functionalities have been added. The changes have been put live in phases and have been done based on your feedback, thank you for that! Below you will find a summary of the most important items:

  • New marketing website launched
  • Automatic quote numbering added
  • Ability to adjust quote owner
  • Maximum number of products increases to 200
  • Search by company email and internet address via the API
  • Change design template with favorites proposal templates
  • Better language handling
  • Personalization tag added 7 days
  • Offorte session duration extended so less log in again
  • Youtube & Vimeo thumbnails in PDF view

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Sharing favorites

From now you have the possibility to share your favorites with other Offorte accounts when you have a premium subscription. Centrally manage and share all your favorite proposals, pages, paragraphs and media library. Ideal when you work a lot together with a collegue who works from a different Offorte account. Or if your company has multiple locations and you want to provide each location with it's own account

Go to "settings > Favorites sharing" in your Offorte account to read more about the workings.

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Inputfields signing screen

You have the option to add inputfields to the signing page of your proposals. So if you need more details from your client, for example a bankaccount number, your client can fill the desired details on the signing page.

You can add the inputfields to your text templates. Just go to the details of the desired template and add your fields. When a client signed your proposal, the results will automaticaly be added to the signed page in youor proposal.

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New pricetable functionalities

Today the pricetable has been upgraded with new functionalities and improvements.

The following functions and improvements are added:

  • Possibility to divide the pricetable into segments by using the new title and subtotal rows
  • Multiple types of vat are supported in one pricetable by making vat percentage configurable per row
  • Vat groups are editable through the system settings
  • Possibility to add percentage discount rows
  • Endtotal rows can be toggled into bold display
  • Improved display & interface

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New design updates

Design preview: When changing the design template and page settings you now see a live updating miniature design preview so you can design your templates and pages more easily.

Configurable line-heights
To create a more open design and precise typography, you now have to option to change the texts & headings line-heights.

New Google fonts
More then 200 new Google Fonts and a top list are added to the design system.

Multi-level bullit lists
By using the indent button in the toolbar you now can make multilevel bullit lists.

New personalization fields
The following new personalization fields are added: full date variations, mobile phone contactperson and proposal pricetotal.

Multiple improvements
The following improvements are made:

  • Better responsive images in the paragraphs for mobile displays
  • Date formatting is now based on the text template
  • More consistent number formatting in the pricetable

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New technical architecture

We've implemented a new update with lots of optimisations and also implemented a new technical architecture. Below is a summary of the most important changes.

SSL support for custom subdomains
With the team subscription you have the possibility to present the proposals on your own domain. These subdomains now support https which makes them safer. The certificates are implemented with Let's Encrypt.

New technical architecture
The architecture of the application is updated and now supports webcomponents. This makes us future-proof and flexible for new functionalities.

New contact fields
Companies contain two new fields: Chamber of Commerce and Vat number.

Internet Explorer
It was about time we completely blocked access for this ancient browser. Even Microsoft recommends not using this browser anymore. Users are notified that they should use a different browser.

Updated Privacy policy
With this update we make use of Mixpanel to beter understand our users. The privacy policy now reflects this.

Misc optimisations
Next to a lot of small optimisations the following improvements are implemented:

  • Pricetable: the price column stays on the same row with higher values.
  • Proposal presentation: the pricetable input fields are now visually disabled after signing a proposal
  • Editor: when creating a favorite page the paragraphs sometimes weren't visible in the same session, this is resolved
  • Users: when an email is already used in the system, a warning is shown

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New rights system

With this rights system you're now able to control if an user is able to change settings & favorites. When you create or edit an user all info is displayed to help you out.

Below a summary of the most important improvements:

  • New rights system
  • Api: proposal details contains login links
  • An image display problem with custom domains on iPhone / Safari is solved

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Update pricetable & contacts

Pricetable: User now have the possibility to change the count per row. Activate this option per row with the button next to the delete row button

Contacts: Option to copy company details when creating a new contact

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Personalisation & Image Editor

We've just updated Offorte with some new personalisation functionalities and a brand new image editor.

Below you can find a summary of the most important items:

  • Personalisation: You now have the option to use account fields in emails & proposals
  • Personalisation: When a data field is missing, the tag is hidden instead of displaying the tag itself
  • Personalisation: When previewing you can now see the personalisation if a client is attached to the proposal
  • Account: new phone & jobtitle fields are added to the account users
  • Image editor: complete new version without Adobe connection
  • Favorites: fix for wrongly sorted favorite pages
  • Several small technical optimizations

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