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Read the experiences of our clients & partners. Discover what they find important and how Offorte helps them in the process of creating business proposals and winning new business.

Our clients feedback is super important and gives valuable input for product development and improvement. On regular basis we ask our clients for feedback on how to improve.


"As a design agency, we were looking for a quick and easy way to draw up our offers visually appealing. With Offorte we can now draw up, personalize and monitor our proposals online."

Joost Bollaart
Creative Director

De Vloerenman

"Offorte helps us to distinguish ourselves in our market. Because we can issue a beautiful proposal digitally, we lower the threshold for the customer to sign. It also helps in ease, they can sign from home without having to physically come to the store. That's great!"

Petrit van der Spoel
Online Marketeer


"Offorte makes it possible to draw up and send proposals in an innovative and digital way. Just as we like to work, that's why it suits our organization so well! In addition, the proposals are interactive and they look professional, we often get nice reactions from relations. By properly arranging the templates, colleagues can prepare a proposal within minutes. They no longer have to go through lengthy texts, but quickly arrive at a professional end product. Finally, you can see when someone has looked, super useful for the follow-up!"

Kirsten Jacobs
Marketing & Communications

People & Payment

"Convenience and a professional look. That is why we switched to Offorte. We have been using the application for a few years now and send hundreds of proposals per year to our satisfaction."

Roy Hulst

Bureau Zuidema

"Offorte helps us build proposals online by using the templates and the image bank. It is simple and fast."

Daniëlle Bruel
Accountmanagement Support

Harwig Beveiligingstechniek

"Offorte speeds up the making of proposals and gives a contemporary look that suits our company. The diversity of options and online tracking make this tool very suitable for our industry. And you also work completely paperless! Very sustainable."

M. Middeljans
Project Manager Management and Maintenance


"Offorte helps us to issue our offers in a professional manner, but also to send other proposals in a well-organized manner."

Irma van der Lubbe
Communications adviser

"With Offorte, common proposals are ready within a few minutes, but fully personalized for the customer. Offorte saves us a lot of work"

Camille Overdevest

Mulder Schoonmaak

"The professional styling and operation of the proposal process really appeals to us. Due to the graphic design and the online presentation, we are intuitively 1-0 ahead of our competition."

Hielke Mulder


"Offorte is user-friendly software with which you can easily make a beautiful offer. Once the correct template has been created with the articles, you can make the most beautiful proposals in a few minutes."

Peter van der Wulp

ROS Consultancy

"ROS Consultancy is very happy with the Offorte tool! If you want to step up in sending your proposals, this is highly recommended. Once you have set up the house style and your information properly, you can send proposals quickly and easily. Suitable for both starters and SMEs with multiple FTEs."

Robbert Hendrix

Quick Online

"With Offorte we can offer visually attractive and very complete proposals to our customers. Even our customers compliment us on the offers."

Boyd Poulus


"As a Marketing Agency you are looking for an alternative way to present your proposals in a unique way. A few years ago we started making creative proposals in Offorte. In our opinion the ideal software to do it differently than others, and to show your company just a little bit more than the traditional Word proposal. The big advantage is that you will immediately receive your proposal and general terms and conditions signed."

Erwin van Hulten

Duidelijk Accountants

"No more boring job confirmations as you are used to from accountants. With Offorte we quickly and efficiently make clear order confirmations that fit our online working method. No more hassle with sending packages of paper back and forth. Simply make an order confirmation and receive it signed the same day. This way we can quickly start working for our customers."

Linda Tuijn
Accountant (AA)

No Nonsense Beveiliging

"Offorte is the right tool for us to provide our customers with a clear and attractive proposal. You can easily save products and images and use them later in a new proposal. This way you can quickly make a nice offer for your customers."

Edwin Daniëls

Staffable Payroll

"Our field service likes to work with Offorte a lot. They help us to offer a professional image to our prospects. Offorte is easy to use and looks slick on any device."

Bob America
Commercial Director

XL Visie

"Professional beautiful formatting of proposals that perfectly matches our range of services and products that we can clearly display in a proposal"

Xenio Gubbels

SiSto projectafbouw

"We have been using the Offorte system for making proposals for years.We find it a very pleasant system to work with and we can follow up the proposals well once the customer has read them (through the read message we receive)."

Hans Kalk

PF Security

"The tool helps us generate proposals quickly and professionally, where we used to spend hours, we now have a very complete proposal ready in less than 15 minutes. Time savings and a very professional appearance!"

Imdat Karatas

Internet Marketeers

"Proposals can be built up quickly, which are personal with a few additions from customers. It takes a while to invest in building up the various components, but after that you can make proposals in a short time. You can give customers options, where you advise one, but the customer can still choose differently and the price is immediately adjusted. So if all parts are in the proposal, you do not have to adjust the proposal, the customer clicks on what he wants and clicks on what he does not want. It is also nice that you keep a simple overview of the number of open offers."

Tom Zoethout
Senior Specialist & Owner

IPV Training & Advies

"Offorte helps us to leave a professional impression with the customer. Unambiguity in look & feel by all IPV employees can be perfectly set with the template options. Customers appreciate the modern and clear approach."

Marcel Does
Senior consultant


"Where we used to work with Word and Excel, we now use Offorte. Using Offorte makes it super easy for us to create custom proposals. In no time an offer is ready, sent and approved online. In Offorte we can also see exactly which proposals have yet to be sent, are online, have been approved or have been rejected. Offorte saves us time and gives us an overview."

Yvonne van Hemert

Kamer & Suite Specialist

"Offorte helps us to respond quickly to customer requests. They receive a professional (online) proposal with a modern twist. Customers can also ask questions and even order online."

Rini Thielen

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