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The benefits of AI when making proposals

Professionals responsible for creating proposals are all too aware that proposals can play a vital role in winning new business and customers. Acquisition conversations are the basis, in which the needs and issues of potential (or existing) customers are found out so that offers are optimally aligned. With the advent of AI, Artificial Intelligence, a new era is dawning, also for preparing and drawing up proposals.

What is AI

AI, Artificial Intelligence or AI, refers to a branch of computer science that deals with creating machines, computers or systems capable of performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence. The goal of AI is to enable machines to learn, reason, understand, plan, solve problems and even simulate emotions. AI is being applied in many fields today, including healthcare, finance, transportation, entertainment, and more.

AI and sales processes

AI can certainly be applied within sales processes. Using AI technologies, companies can optimize their sales efforts, increase efficiency and make better decisions. Proposals can also be prepared and drawn up even better with the help of AI. Below some examples.

Better understand customer needs with AI

AI helps analyze large amounts of data such as customer interactions, market research and social media analytics. For example, AI can perform automated feedback and sentiment analysis on customer reviews and social media posts to better understand what aspects matter to customers and what their pain points are. This enables sales and other professionals to quickly gain more insight into the specific issues and challenges of their customers. This allows a proposal to be tailored even better to the customer or prospect.

Personalization with AI

Personalization has become the rule. It turns out that 65% of customers say they remain loyal if a company offers a tailored experience (source: Salesforce, 2023). AI can analyze customer profiles and automatically generate relevant content based on each customer's specific needs and preferences. Think of specific benefits and tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of the customer. Personalization in proposals increases customer engagement.

Determine the right pricing strategy with AI

Determining the right pricing strategy is a challenge for many sales professionals and entrepreneurs. AI can help optimize pricing. For example, by analyzing various factors such as competitive data, historical sales data and customer behavior. Using machine learning algorithms, AI can predict which price levels are most attractive to specific customers. This allows pricing strategies to be developed that strengthen the competitive position and at the same time appeal to customers.

Create visuals with AI

The visual aspect in proposals has taken on a more prominent role over the years. Visuals trigger the experience, evoke recognition or desire. In addition, visual content is also remembered up to 60% better (source: scientific research “Rise and decline of Verbal and Visuo-spatial Memory”, Jaap Murre, 2010). AI helps to create attractive visuals, including covers, striking charts, attractive infographics, informative animations, videos and presentations. Using advanced algorithms, AI can interpret data and generate visual representations that communicate a proposal more effectively. These visual elements attract the attention of the customer and provide a better experience. The AI ​​tools for visuals can be found scattered on the internet. The tool Canva (online design tool) is worth mentioning here. It offers a collection of tools in one place, very efficiently.


Writing texts with AI

With the arrival of ChatGPT, the most famous AI tool, more and more content is generated via AI. It can also be used for proposal texts. The more specific the command (prompt) given to the tool, the better the result. In this case, AI tools can be used for inspiration or to improve the linguistic quality and readability of a proposal. Tools such as ChatGPT then provide suggestions for better formulations and grammatical constructions. However, human control remains necessary.

AI-powered proposal software

With AI-driven proposal software, proposals can be automatically generated based on preset templates and parameters. This allows sales teams to create proposals quickly and efficiently without having to manually enter every detail. In addition, there are proposal software applications where analyzes and predictions can be made via AI data. AI-powered quoting software can integrate information from various sources, such as CRM, product inventories, and price lists. This improves the timeliness and accuracy of the information in proposals.


AI is far from perfect, but judicious use can improve sales process efficiency, proposal accuracy, and overall sales performance. Although AI offers many opportunities to automate processes and improve efficiency, it also raises questions about accuracy, ethics, privacy and impact, for example. Therefore, further research and development is important to ensure that the technology benefits the applications and humanity.


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