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Proposals almost write themselves with the use of Artificial Intelligence

Writing a business proposal is not a hobby for everyone, but it is essential for your business. To make your life easier and to help you when you are staring at a blank screen, we have added a new feature to Offorte that writes proposal texts for you. At least, that will help you on your way and can inspire you to come up with that ultimate, deal winning piece of text.

AI write business proposal

A.I. Textwriter

With the new AI Textwriter's help, you can generate complete texts with a click of a button with a little input. You can have company, product, and service descriptions written, among other things. Behind the scenes, an artificial intelligence system gets to work writing your text. It employs one of the most advanced AI systems globally, trained by reading trillions of words and sentences.

The technology cannot replace humans yet and is still in the beta phase. There are many nuances in writing a quote to win the job that takes a human. To be able to process this in your proposals, human input and fine-tuning are required. The AI ​​Textwriter mainly helps you to inspire, create and automate.

The following video briefly shows the system in action:

How does it work?

You select a type of text you want to generate and fill in the necessary input fields. As soon as you click on the generate button, the AI ​​Textwriter will get to work and write a text for you. If you are satisfied with the result, you can easily copy and paste it into your proposal.

Good to know

The created texts still need a human touch from you. The tool is here to inspire and help you on your way. Sometimes the system generates strange unusable texts, then click the generate button again to create a new version. You can also adjust your input values ​​for other results.

If you use a language other than English, your input will automatically translate into English. This translation process can sometimes lead to strange, illogical results that you then have to fine-tune yourself.


Behind the scenes, we use an AI (artificial intelligence) service where every request costs us money. To settle these costs positively, we have chosen a credit system where each letter generated is a credit. On average, the system generates about 300 to 500 letters per text. Via the account screen, you can buy credits per 100k, which equals approximately 200 to 250 generated texts.

Dennis Wiemer

Dennis Wiemer

Thursday, January 21, 2021 - Product Updates


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