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Tips for sales professionals

Cold acquisition, qualifying leads, using your CRM... we give you 6 smart tips to take your sales game to a higher level.

Tips for sales professionals

To improve sales performance, as a sales professional you can focus on common, well-known strategies and tactics. It's fine to continue to apply this, but also challenge yourself by combining these principles with some creativity and fun. We give you 6 smart (and fun!) hacks to take your sales game to the next level.

Quizzes and surveys where there is something to win

LinkedIn is a great platform for building business connections and generating leads. Create a survey/opinion poll via LinkedIn with relevant questions regarding interesting topics within your industry or expertise. As an incentive, reward participants with a white paper related to the survey topic. You can also make your own quiz. Suppose your organization is involved in digital marketing. Then design a quiz (there are plenty of online tools that allow you to create an attractive quiz in no time) about digital marketing strategies or the latest trends in your industry. Come up with varied question types (open questions, yes/no or multiple choice) to hold participants' attention for longer. Share it on LinkedIn and reward the 10 participants with the highest score with a free, no-obligation Q&A session.

Result: you collect valuable leads from people interested in digital marketing. Additionally, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and value through the whitepaper or Q&A session you offer.

Personal messages with (more) impact

Instead of traditional emails, send video messages that approach a potential customer in a personal, surprising way about (for example) your advanced office equipment. Start your video message by introducing yourself and walking past the equipment while explaining how it can optimize business processes. Identify concrete differences with other, less advanced equipment. Videos are much more engaging and personal than emails and they create a stronger first impression.

Result: there is a good chance that you will receive more attention, your message will be fully viewed and your brand or products will be remembered better. Want to bet this translates into a higher conversion rate?


The use of storytelling is not new, but is often underestimated as a technique to attract potential customers. Not only that, but with storytelling you can captivate customers, touch their emotions, remove objections and convince them to purchase your product or service. Tell your unique story on your website or on the about us page in a quote. This sets you apart from the competition. Talk about the origins of the company, customer success stories or about the passion and dedication of your team. Support your story with images and audio.
Result: The results of storytelling vary depending on the quality of the story, its relevance to the target group and the consistency in its use. If you meet this requirement, you have a rock-solid tool. With storytelling you create an emotional connection. Prospects see the situation and the main character in front of them, so they can start building a bond with your service, product or brand.

Gamification: fun and results

Gamification is a powerful way to improve the motivation and performance of a sales team. For example, you work as a manager at an e-commerce company that sells sporting goods. Then host a contest where your team earns points for every sale and bonus points for specific products or services. At the end of the month, the team member with the most points receives a special reward, such as a sporty weekend away.

Result: gamification creates competition and fun within the team, increasing motivation, involvement, productivity and results. Although gamification focuses on individual performance, it simultaneously influences collaboration and team spirit. Celebrating each other's success together and working together to achieve common goals is much more fun than on your own.

Network at non-networking meetings

Instead of only expanding your network at business and networking events, try it in less conventional situations. Suppose you work at a consultancy company that focuses on sustainability. Then participate in local environmental initiatives, such as volunteering in nature reserves or in local environmental projects. This can lead to valuable business contacts and/or leads, because you meet people who share the same values and interests.

Result: unexpected but valuable business opportunities, a stronger/warmer network and you significantly increase the chance of leads.

Get podcasting

Podcasting is a great way to position your organization as an authority in your industry. If you are a sales manager at a software development company, a podcast with in-depth conversations about software development trends, technologies and best practices is very lucrative! By sharing valuable information and insights, you attract listeners who are looking for expertise in your field. Hosting a podcast also offers opportunities for networking and collaboration. You can invite experts and influential players from the software development world as guests.

Result: you increase the visibility of your organization. You improve customer loyalty and at the same time reach a wider audience (potential customers). By sharing valuable insights and expertise, you strengthen your reputation. A podcast, especially in collaboration with important players from the software development world, often leads to valuable business connections, possible collaborations and, last but not least, new leads.

Creativity is intelligence having fun (Einstein)

Creativity and fun can really make a difference in your sales approach. Just try out these hacks, tailor them to your organization or sales team and discover how they can help you achieve your goals.

Have fun!

Gabriëlle de Sain

Gabriëlle de Sain

Monday, November 20, 2023 - Inspiration


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