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Make a Proposal? Know your customers' UBRs!

In the past, when writing a proposal, you could do with sales arguments that made the distinction between your company and the competition clear. But nowadays, not your company, but the customer is central. Reason enough to take a good look at your customer or prospect's sales motives and include them in your proposals.

Use Unique Buying Reasons to create Proposals

What are UBRs (Unique Buying Reason)

A Unique Buying Reason is why a customer would want to purchase your product or service. Unlike the more well-known term USP (Unique Selling Point), where companies are central, UBR is thought of from the customer's needs. Something that really fits this time. The market is more and more focused on the customer. Well-defined UBRs can give customers or prospects that last push that makes them choose right for you. You prefer to determine the buying motives through thorough research. Only with objective customer research, you can find out the actual motives. The ultimate goal of UBRs is to respond to it and get more customers, orders and assignments. But whoever is smart also uses them to formulate texts for websites, brochures and of course your proposals!

The Why Question

Well, how do you find out buying motifs? Why do your customers buy something, buy services, and why specific to your company or organization? To get answers to these types of questions, you'll need to address the customer. This can be done in different ways with associated price tags. Larger organizations often employ an agency for this. But you can also explore the motives and decision-making factors with less large budgets. For example, you can look at the reviews with yourself and your competitors, or take surveys and interviews among existing customers. Always ask customers for feedback after an order or order. Read on and find out how all this information can help you determine your UBRs.

Determine UBRs using the Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas is a next step, a deepening of the Business Model Canvas. The Value Proposition Canvas translates the feedback you get from your customers into values, needs, and wishes. You fill it in on the canvas. Below you can see what such a Canvas looks like. This allows you to map everything about your product or service and at the same time the customer's needs, wishes, and pain points or frustrations.

Once completed, this canvas provides insight into what your customers get back when they work with you. In addition, filling the canvas helps you to articulate and process values in all your communications, including in your proposals.

UBRs in your proposal

In addition to your website, social media channels or advertisements, you can also include UBRs in your proposals.

Process your UBRs:

in the most important parts of your proposal, including the description of the request prompt, description of the desired situation and the results of your product or service.

  • in an inspiring cover
  • by using associating images
  • by showing reviews that connect to UBRs


The Offorte software allows you to process your UBRs quickly and convincingly in your proposals. You can also easily reuse them by saving them to the favorites library. This way you can use your UBRs to the best in every proposal!

Gabriëlle de Sain

Gabriëlle de Sain

Monday, July 12, 2021 - Sales


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