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Digital proposals: answers to the most frequently asked questions

Are you looking for an online proposal tool? Smart move! A proposal is an important link in the sales process and also a perfect tool with which you can distinguish yourself from the competition. A clear, well-prepared proposal is then a prerequisite. But customers nowadays expect more from the proposals they receive. Customer experience, clear options and digital signatures are high on their wish list. With a digital proposal you can quickly and easily meet all these wishes.

Digital proposals: answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is the main difference between a paper proposal and a digital proposal?

One of the biggest differences is that a digital proposal does not require a pen, paper or scan to sign. That saves a lot of time, is good for the environment and your customers will certainly be happy with that time saved. Moreover, with a digital proposal you can - in every respect - show what you have in store. Your proposal thus becomes an attractive, interactive presentation. This guarantees the success rate of your proposals increases! And the biggest difference for you? You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. Successful content blocks, visuals or company presentations can be stored in a library and simply retrieved in a new proposal!

Besides making proposals, what else can you do with an online proposal tool?

This question is asked very often - and rightly so, because you can get so much more out of this tool. It supports the entire sales process. All important information clearly arranged in one online tool. This gives you anytime, anywhere access and insight into the status of your proposals from all customers and prospects. Do you work in a team? Then everyone has access and insight. You also know when a proposal has been opened via an automatic notification. You can see when and how often your proposal has been viewed. This makes the timing of your follow-up actions a lot more effective. No more calling too early (or too late)!

What can you include in a digital proposal?

Apart from the essential parts, a digital proposal offers a range of possibilities with which you can convince the customer. This makes it super easy to add extra elements to your proposal. Also consider a:

  • Plan of action
  • About us page
  • Customer case or review
  • (company) video
  • Animation
  • Leaflet
  • Photo gallery

Isn't a digital proposal impersonal?

A digital proposal is not an automatic proposal. You can therefore personalize a digital or automated proposal very well. This starts with your introduction in which you describe the current and desired situation of the customer and explain how you achieve it with your solution, product or service. In addition, a digital and modern proposal, provided with attractive visuals that match the proposal, will make your proposal even more personal. And last but not least, with interactive proposals, the customer or prospect can directly ask questions. It couldn't be more personal!

Can you still adjust digital proposals after sending?

Yes, that's possible. Handy if you have made a typo. In case of substantive changes, we advise you to work with versions, of course in consultation with the customer.

Can the tool also be linked to a CRM?

It is possible to link a CRM via our technical API. We also have a link with Zapier. This allows you to link systems without technical knowledge. Zapier contains more than 1300 apps and also offers support for various CRMs such as Salesforce, Pipedrive and Teamleader.

How legal is digital signing?

According to European law, everything you agree with the customer is legally valid. It does not matter whether it concerns an oral, written or digital agreement. When a proposal is signed, the signature is placed by Offorte as a normal digital signature. In addition to the signature, contact details of the signatory, timestamp, etc., the IP address of the signatory is also added to the proposal. You can also use the e-mails sent and customer behavior in the statistics as underlying data in the proposal details. If you need an advanced digital signature of a PDF (eg with government), there are various services (eg Adobe Sign) with which you can have the PDF from Offorte signed.

Where do I leave the general terms and conditions?

Thank you for sending your general terms and conditions! After all, this determines your rules that act as a safety net in the event of a dispute with a customer. You can add your general terms and conditions very easily and once in your settings. They are then automatically added to every proposal.

Is your question not listed?

We update this blog regularly. Is your question not yet listed? Feel free to ask it here via support!

Dennis Wiemer

Dennis Wiemer

Friday, December 4, 2020 - Proposal software


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