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Now use your own email domain for proposal sending

With this new feature it is possible to use your own domain for sending your proposals and avoid the spam box.

Offorte now supports your own domain for e-mail

Send proposals with your own domain

Sending email correctly is complex. Especially if you want to avoid an email ending up in the spam box or not arriving at all. In addition to the current way of sending proposals within Offorte, it is now possible to use your own domain and send optimized e-mails.

Spam & spoofing

We naturally want to prevent your email from being made mincemeat and ending up in the spam box of your customers. That's why we use an email sending method that doesn't end up in the junk email box quickly. We use the domain of Offorte as sender and put your name and email in the reply and sender name. This prevents us from sending a spoof email.

Spoofing is when someone uses your email domain to send email without permission. Once this happens, the chances are big that email will end up in a spam box.

Besides a lot of technical optimisations, with which I will not bore you, the content of your email is at least as important to avoid the spam box. Always use correct language, sufficient text and avoid spam filter sensitive words.

New sending method

Starting this week, a new sending method has been added where you can use your own domain name as the sender address. We automatically arrange all technical complexities for you behind the scenes. We will no longer use the Offorte domain name as the sender, but your domain. The main advantages of this are:

  • Often the systems of your customers already know your domain. This helps enormously in the correct delivery of your e-mail.
  • You are using the email spam reputation of your domain.
  • Better branding because it is even clearer that your company is the sender of a proposal.

Getting started

Setup your own email domain for proposal sending in Offorte

Dennis Wiemer

Dennis Wiemer

Monday, August 17, 2020 - Product Updates


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