Setup email domain

With the own e-mail domain option of the Premium subscription, the e-mails are sent from your own domain. We use a service that is optimized to ensure that your emails are sent in a legitimate way (no spoofing) and do not just end up in a spam box.

To use this service you need a premium / teams account. Once you have it, you can activate your e-mail domain with the following steps:

  1. Under settings > custom e-mail domain, enter the desired domain, eg:
  2. Set Active to On with the dropdown
  3. A DNS settings option will now appear with a table containing the required DNS records
  4. Add these DNS settings to the DNS of your domain name.

Enter DNS Settings

Create the necessary records in your DNS using the data as shown in the DNS settings table (see step 3). If you don't know how to adjust the DNS, your domain name manager / hosting provider can help.

The table is structured as follows:

  • Name: the value that must be entered as a prefix of your domain name
  • Type: the type of DNS record (TXT or CNAME)
  • Content Value: the value you must enter in the content field

It can take up to 48 hours for DNS settings to be implemented worldwide. We automatically check every hour whether the DNS records have been entered.

Please note:
Make sure that the users within Offorte actually have an e-mail address that use the same domain as set. If this is not the case, we will send the e-mail in a regular manner to prevent spoofing.

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