Sharing content favorites between Offorte accounts

It is possible to connect multiple Offorte accounts and share favorites. Super handy if, for example, you work with multiple locations and you want to manage the favorites from the head office. Or as a branch organization want to share favorites with members.

The following parts from the favorites library are shareable between accounts:

  • Proposals
  • Pages
  • Sections
  • Media browser

That is how it works

Set favorites to share

In the favorites library you can determine per item whether you want to share the item. For example, click on a page and turn on the switch to share. As soon as an item is on parts you will see a star next to it

Create partial codes

Create the share codes that allow another Offorte account to access your favorites. You can find it under menu "settings> share favorites". Another account will never be able to edit or delete your favorites, they can only use them when creating a proposal. And then only the favorites that you have put on sharing.

Send code

Now send the newly created code to the owner of the other Offorte account with which you want to share your favorites. It is important that you share the account name and share code, both are required.

Enter share code and use favorites from another account

The owner of the account who wants to access your favorites now goes to the "share favorites" menu in settings. Click the button to enter a received code and account name for which you want access to the favorites. Once the code has been added, you have the extra favorites when creating proposals, pages, paragraphs and media browsers, they are marked with a star.

Please note that you must log in again after making the link.

Stop sharing

Once you delete the share code, your shared favorites will no longer be available for that account.

Premium subscription

The ability to share favorites with other accounts is a premium subscription functionality. Does each account have to be a premium account to use favorites from another account? No, only the account (head office) must be premium. All other accounts can then enter the code you have created and thus gain access to the shared favorites.

Each subscription can further determine whether they want to see / use the shared favorites provided they have a sharing code and insert it. When one of the other members also builds a nice library and has a premium subscription, this content can also be shared with other accounts, this is of course optional, but it is possible.

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