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New proposal examples & templates

Several new proposal examples have been added to the marketing website. They can also be used directly as a template when you create new proposals with the proposal software.

New proposal templates and examples

Make use of the 12 new proposal templates and design templates

Making a proposal takes time, time that we often do not have, but which is crucial for the future of your company. To inspire you and help you with the sales process, we have added several new proposal templates to the proposal software.

When you create a new business proposal, you have the choice to choose one of your homemade favorite templates, but now also one of these twelve templates. As soon as you use a proposal example as a starting point for your new proposal, we automatically copy the design template for you to your settings. This way you have a complete picture and a good starting point.

Marketing example

Content of the templates

The templates are built up with different pages: from a cover, proposal details to company information and reviews. Of course you still have to adapt the content of the proposals to your business specialties and customer wishes before you can send them. The structure gives you a nice basis from which you can build your proposals. Once you are done it is highly recommended that you create a template (favorite) of your proposal for easy and quick future use.

Training example

Template themes

The proposal examples are built around different themes that are named after target groups. A design can also be used for another type of company, but it is easier to select if the animal has a name :)

The 12 examples are:

On this page in the site you can see an overview of all examples. Of course they are also available in your Offorte account. They can be selected and previewed when you create a new proposal.

Example business services

Dennis Wiemer

Dennis Wiemer

Thursday, September 17, 2020 - Product Updates


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