Working with multiple identities and trade names

It is certainly possible to work with multiple trade names in the proposals. What you can do is create a design template per trade name.

Some items will be controlled from the account itself. These are for example: email shipments, Offorte account address and personalization company data. You can solve the personalization fields by not using the company personalization fields in your proposal, but simply typing your address in the text.

Multiple house styles

By working with multiple design templates, you can determine per design which design, logo, etc. should be displayed. That way you can make proposals for multiple products / companies within 1 account. You can create / copy a design template via the settings menu.

Assign design template

When creating a new proposal, you can choose one of the design templates. With an existing proposal, you can adjust the design template when you view the details from the proposal overview and then under the design section.

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