Insert, move and settings paragraph

Insert paragraph

If a page or block does not yet contain a paragraph, you will see a clear button to insert a paragraph. If a paragraph has already been inserted, you can move your mouse over a paragraph so that a menu appears at the bottom of the relevant paragraph. Here is a blue plus button. If you click on this, you will see a popup with tabs. Here you have the option to insert a new paragraph or choose a favorite in the other tab.

Move paragraph

To change the order of the blocks you can use the up and down arrows. To move a block to a different column or page, move your mouse over the relevant paragraph and click on the scissors in the menu that appears at the bottom. The paragraph is now moved to the clipboard. Now go to the position (paragraph) where you want to insert your just cut paragraph. Click on the insert button (blue plus) and you will see the popup with tabs. The clipboard tab is already selected, now choose the cut paragraph from the list and it will be inserted for you.

Paragraph settings

Some sections have settings. You can adjust this by moving your mouse over the relevant paragraph. A menu will now appear at the bottom. Click on the gear button to access the settings.

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