Image sizes

Within Offorte there are several places where you can use images. As soon as you upload an image in the media browser, the system will automatically convert it to an optimized format. Please note that you do not put images in the system that are too small, as they will then show blurry in the system when they are enlarged.

Offorte also has various options to put an image in the correct size and proportions. It is even possible to adjust the images yourself using the image editor.

The following video shows how to handle images:

For the most control over the appearance, you can resize an image exactly. This is not mandatory, because the system is smart and puts your image as neatly as possible in the proposal.

Below is a guideline for some sizes:

  • Page Size in pixels (width X height)
  • Paper Full Image 795 x 1125
  • Magazine Cover 1200 x 499
  • Magazine Photo Gallery 1100 x 490
  • Magazine Image / Video intro 535 x 325
  • Magazine Text 2 columns 600 x 774
  • Magazine Text 3 columns 400 x 774
  • Magazine Text 6 blocks 400 x 387
  • Magazine Full image 1200 x 774
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