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The following video shows an overview of different functionalities of Offorte and is perfect for getting acquainted with the power of the software.

The video gives a brief introduction to the operation of Offorte, from the proposal presentation to the settings and sending. Of course more is possible. To get the most out of Offorte, you want to automate the proposal process as much as possible. These are the main parts:

Proposal template

A proposal template is your starting point when you make a new proposal. This ensures that you start with a proposal that is almost ready and where you can only tailor the content to specific customer wishes. By using personalization fields in the template, these are automatically replaced by customer data.

Design template

The design of your proposal is controlled by this type of templates. You can create this under settings. Here you ensure that your logo, typography and colors match your corporate identity.


Here you will find all your customers, from company details to the contact persons and proposals sent. All contact fields can be used for personalization so that you can automatically send a proposal and you do not have to worry that the wrong company name is in your proposal.

Favorites library

The library contains templates, pages, paragraphs, products and media as your proposal. When you're making a proposal, you can easily reuse previously created content from your favorites library, which saves you a lot of time.


Invite your colleagues so that you can collaborate on proposals. You can determine what they can see and do via the rights settings.


You can further adjust Offorte to your liking via the settings. For example, set up a subdomain and prepare the sending emails. Making the proposal display multilingual is also an option.

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