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Companies and professionals working in the micro lending can use this proposal template to create better proposals. Explain how your business works, the process from consultation to implementation, and provide customers with detailed planning. Of course, good advice should not be lacking, and transparent prices and conditions are essential to build trust. It is important to include distinctive factors in the proposal, such as experience, working method, process and results achieved. These factors help customers choose your business. Very important! The powerful software supports you during the sales process and makes the signing process easier by allowing you to sign digitally directly online.

When creating a new quotation with the proposal program you can use the proposal example. Of course, the content is fully customizable, so that it fits exactly with your company and service. However, there is more to make your life easier and immediately improve your sales process. Start with the free trial, use this micro lending example and create a smart proposal that impresses and wins the assignment. Smart software to achieve more goals in less time.

The example proposal micro lending template is 100% customizable and available within Offorte
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Why micro lending businesses use proposal software instead of Microsoft Word

Many micro lending still use Microsoft Word or some other word processor to create their proposals. A previously created template is modified manually and then sent as a PDF. Sounds easy, but in practice this takes a lot of time, the chance of errors is high and you no longer have insight into your proposal after sending.

With the use of proposal software it has become a lot easier and better for entrepreneurs. You still use templates as a basis, but now you have a full content library in which you can search and reuse texts. The chance of errors is minimal due to smart automation. And after sending you can still adjust your proposal and you will get insight when your customer views the proposal. The modern interactive presentation options make an impression and the option to digitally sign makes it very easy for a customer to agree.

The following blog will elaborate on how to make perfect proposals with the right tool: Read more why Microsoft Word is not the best way to create proposals

Using a quote and proposal system for Micro Lending is one of the most effective ways to help your business stand out from the crowd. If you’re just starting out in this industry, you may not have much experience or a strong client list, which means it can be hard to get new customers. To improve your chances of winning work and getting referrals, you need to come up with an impressive marketing plan that includes an all-encompassing Micro Lending proposal software. Our free sample proposals offer great examples of how to do this.

Advantages of proposal software:

Modern quotations impress customers

Invest now to save time when making proposals later

Start sending smart proposals with greater chances of success

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"Offorte makes it possible to draw up and send proposals in an innovative and digital way. Just as we like to work, that's why it suits our organization so well! In addition, the proposals are interactive and they look professional, we often get nice reactions from relations. By properly arranging the templates, colleagues can prepare a proposal within minutes. They no longer have to go through lengthy texts, but quickly arrive at a professional end product. Finally, you can see when someone has looked, super useful for the follow-up!"

Kirsten Jacobs
Marketing & Communications, Vermetten

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Proposal information

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A business proposal example that can be used as a starting point for different target groups and companies. In addition to an open and modern design, the content is of course also very important.
You make a proposal by clearly summarising the benefits for the customer. Just as an accountant can give direction to the entrepreneur, the proposal gives direction to the collaboration.
Book keeping
Perfect accounting includes correct, complete figures. A proposal must be like the accountant's balance sheet: complete, error-free and customer-oriented.
Coaching is personal and completely customised, adapted to the wishes and needs of the customer. A personal offer to start the collaboration is a must.
With Offorte it is possible to fully implement a corporate identity in the proposal view, whether it is a colorful style or very dark, with the proposal templates you are flexible to adapt it to your business.
Handymen Services
Busy days and complex schedules are part of a handymen company. Save some time by making your proposals with a proposal tool. You also immediately distinguish yourself from the competition and show your customer friendliness.
The playing field of marketing today is largely online. With an online proposal program you make the customer journey suitable and surprise your customers.
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proposals from web design companies count many pages where parts are always standard and a part is specifically tailored for the prospect. The Offorte content library makes it a lot easier to write a good offer.
Business Services
Quality, price, advice, experience, knowledge and good service are important distinguishing factors for companies. You must make this clear when making a business proposal.

Why smart software is important for businesses in the micro lending sector

Creating a Micro Lending proposal is one of the most important parts of any Micro Lending business. It’s a marketing tool that you use to pitch your services to potential clients. To be successful, you need to make sure your proposal software is easy to use and looks professional. You also need to be able to use it to create quotes and proposals that can impress your clients and win them over. If you’re struggling with this, you might want to consider a quote and proposal system for micro lending software. Using this type of system allows you to create quotes and proposals in minutes and share them across multiple channels. The software comes with dedicated proposal examples that are more likely to be approved than traditional proposals on paper of pdf. The sales tool also include the option to digitally sign the quote or proposal.

Microfinance is the provision of financial services—small loans, savings accounts, or insurance—to those who lack access to conventional banking services. It began in the late 1960s with the establishment of small-scale credit programs designed to provide credit to poor people and alleviate poverty. These programs were targeted at self-employed women, especially in Asia and Latin America. The most successful of these programs included self-targeting features: for example, programs that provided training, information, and low-interest loans to people considered too poor to pay market interest rates. Since then, microfinance has spread around the world, covering most of the developing world and reaching into some developed countries. Microfinance has recently come under fire from many different angles, as it has begun to be blamed for perpetuating poverty rather than helping reduce it. Proponents argue that microfinance is an important financial inclusion tool for a large portion of the world's population that is not currently served by existing financial institutions. In September 2010, Bangladesh's Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution to poverty alleviation through microcredit—an innovation that improved the lives of 100 million poor families. Critics of microcredit have questioned whether it is sustainable in its present form, particularly since many loans are made to individuals unable to afford them and may even worsen their situation.

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