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3 tips for successful subscriptions to business tenders

Enrolling in a tender is generally considered a time-consuming and complicated process. And yet, especially when you want to work with the government, this is the only way you can get a foothold in there. In addition to government institutions, nowadays commercial organizations also place tenders. So plenty of reasons for a blog with tips!

Subscribe to business tenders

What is a business tender

A business tender is a purchasing method. You put an assignment in the market on which entrepreneurs can register via a proposal that must meet a number of requirements. Previously, only (semi-) government institutions placed contracts in this way. Institutions, including municipalities and provinces, water boards, universities or hospitals, are obliged, according to the Procurement Act, to market assignments through certain procedures. Commercial companies do not need to do this, but are increasingly spending their assignments. They then organize their own, similar procedure. In any case, it is all clients who set out an assignment with a comprehensive description, a package of requirements and selection criteria. The client selects the provider and you call the assignment an 'award '.

Find business tender orders

If you are curious about whether you are looking for tender contracts, you can go to different platforms. ProposalNed and the Proposal Calendar are probably best known. Here, both government institutions and commercial companies place their proposals or procurement orders.

Make your enrolment success

Well, you want to sign up. What are the most critical success factors, apart from keeping to the enrolment period? In other words: what are the 3 most important tips to increase your chance of winning and win that award!

Tip 1: Assess if you meet the criteria

It starts with reading, reading and reading again. Read the descriptive document until everything is crystal clear and above all the requirements, award criteria and the purpose of the client. If you see that you don't meet the requirements and criteria, forget about it. Registration is pointless. Moreover, clients always want the best party. In other words, the one that stands out head and shoulders.

So, choose your battles wisely, look at the selection criteria and wonder if, for example, you meet the required financial capacity, the number of employees or have the desired technical tools (machines, software). Don't leave questions about the proposal and don't be afraid to ask questions about fringe issues such as objectives or added value.

Tip 2: Make an irresistible offer

If you have thoroughly delved into the client and his question, make (as a kind of guide) a short overview for yourself.


  • why they deactivate the assignment
  • how the situation is now and where they want to go
  • your strengths and weaknesses
  • your competitors' strengths and weaknesses

After that, you can start writing. Show in the introduction that you have understood the assignment and client well. Then briefly give your vision or method to introduce your offer. After that, I recommend that you keep the order of the criteria. That makes sense and reads nice. If you are not such a writer or you find it difficult to stay within a maximum number of words, call in the help of a copywriter. Copywriters put your message inviting, customer-oriented and convincing on paper.

In addition, pay great attention to the design, because just as with proposals, the design of proposals is an important factor. With Offorte, you can create beautiful proposals in your own corporate identity, draw up a step-by-step plan quickly and easily add images or videos. Please note: strictly adhere to the requirements regarding maximum number of pages and the prescribed font. Sometimes you may add attachments. Make use of that! It is an extra opportunity to present yourself and they don't usually count in the maximum number of pages, but only when everything is ready, the texts and criteria are double checked do you send the proposal. In some cases, a minor error may already lead to exclusion. If you are still in doubt, let someone else look at it or leave it for a while so that you can put the final touches on the i the next day with a fresh look.

Attractive proposal

Tip 3: Join market consultations

I don't come across this tip very little and that while market consultations can get you quite a lot! Before the client publishes the tender, he can do a market consultation. The client then asks you to share your knowledge, expertise and ideas with him. It's a win-win situation. The client gets insight into what is available on the market and it helps him to describe the assignment well later. And for you, too, such a meeting can work to your advantage. You can compare market consultations with an acquisition interview or a sales process. You won't let that chance lie either, do you? After all, you will receive valuable information that allows you to tailor your offer even better to the demand. Some companies are a little reluctant to participate in this. They fear that the client or the competition will find out too much. But, of course, you don't have to reveal everything. Showing your face is never wrong. Participating in market consultations is often seen by clients as proof of motivation and customer focus.

Good luck with your registrations!

Gabriëlle de Sain

Gabriëlle de Sain

Friday, January 28, 2022 - Sales


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