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Get a job or order? Activate the customer's yes button!

Of course you want to win great assignments or orders with your proposals. You do your best to make the best possible offer to the customer or prospect. If only you could crawl into his head to turn on the yes button. The yes button is invisible in everyone's brain. Only neuro-researchers can see it. Fortunately for us, they share their knowledge. Just search neuromarketing. Communication and advertising specialists use the research results to get a grip on the thinking and decision process of consumers (and with success, for that matter). But beware, many of these insights can easily be applied when making proposals. Incorporate one or more neuroprinciples in your proposal and you immediately have a strong lead over your competitors. Read on to discover the 5 most effective neuro-principles that revolutionize the odds of winning proposals!

Activate the customer

Convince with neuroprinciples

Did you know that 95% of the choices we make are based on emotions? The subconscious mind is a powerful part of our being. It makes almost all decisions. Ha! No wonder sales and marketing professionals are so interested in what's going on in our brains. This allows you to communicate even more effectively and efficiently with customers, prospects and target groups. Through neuromarketing research you will gain insight into the emotions and their influence on decisions and ways of thinking. To find out, in addition to traditional tools such as questionnaires, instruments such as MRIs (measuring brain activity), eye tracking (measuring what is most often looked at) and facial coding (interpretation of facial expressions) are now used. In this way, researchers find out what triggers people and what activates the yes button. Imagine what that could mean for your proposals? Especially for making proposals, we have processed the 5 most effective neuro principles into practical and directly applicable tips.

Neurotip 1: what do I get?

Activate the customer or prospect right at the start of your proposal with an eye-catching cover in which you emphasize what he gets and what it brings him by means of texts and images. You can also choose the before & after formula. How was it without a product or service and what is it like afterwards. There is also plenty of opportunity in the proposal itself to respond to this thought. For example, by working with questioning subheadings such as What will this assessment yield me? With this you literally express the thought that subconsciously lives with the customer or prospect. His brain is extra motivated and the yes button is activated. Also close your proposal with the proceeds of your product or service. Research shows that we remember the first and the last best.

Virtual reality

Neurotip 2: visualize

The brain is highly visual. A proposal on a thin A4 sheet looks very different from an online and interactive proposal. The same goes for images and videos. Focus on customer experience and inspire the customer or prospects with visuals that activate the yes button. When you use an online proposal tool, you can easily and beautifully incorporate images, videos and other visuals into your proposal. They make your proposal complete and irresistible. Your customer does not have to go to the attachments in the email to open a video. Also take a look at the use of color in your proposal. Although there is no one-size-fits-all formula, there are some guidelines with regard to color preference, for example by associations that you can have with a color. You can also choose the colors in the corporate identity of the customer or prospect. This strengthens the we-feeling between you and the customer.

Neurotip 3: confident but not arrogant

Modesty is good for people. Yes that's right. Our subconscious, on the other hand, prefers to see you confidently. It turns out that we all want to be successful, get in touch with successful people, or contribute to success. Therefore, do not present yourself too modestly. There are very subtle ways with which you can position yourself powerfully, for example with active language use. So not: We have the impression that product A connects and could be of service to you. Rather say: Product A has already successfully resulted in… Another way of expressing your confidence in cooperation is by assuming in your argument that you are going to work together. So it is not a matter of whether you will work together, but when. This can be achieved simply by replacing doubtful words such as or, if and if you wish, with a stronger and more convincing variant. After your approval, we immediately start our research. It is much better than: If you agree with the proposal, we could - after your approval - start the research immediately.

Geef iets weg

Neurotip 4: give something away

When you get something from someone, you unconsciously want to give something back. Giving something away is not necessarily the same as giving a discount. Some form of warranty or extra service works just as well. Include your giveaway in the cost overview and set the price at $ 0.00. You can also process these giveaways or perks into a "this is inclusive" list. If you still opt for a discount, make it clear why. A one-time introductory discount, for example. That way you do not create any expectations for a subsequent request for proposal.

Neurotip 5: write like you talk

It's crazy, but a lot of people tend to go for a more formal style when it comes to creating proposals. Suddenly it is you, while you tutored each other during the conversation. Don't do it, because our subconscious will say in that case: something isn't right here. In fact, we fear we will be misled. Therefore, write in the same style as in the conversation. The customer or prospect immediately feels at ease!

And …

which principles will you soon be applying to your proposals?

Gabriëlle de Sain

Gabriëlle de Sain

Friday, October 30, 2020 - Sales


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