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Beat writer's block when creating proposals with these tips

Everyone gets stuck when making a proposal. Maybe you can't focus for a moment, or you just don't find the right words. And... the thought that the proposal may arrive at the customer later than expected results in a short circuit rather than inspiration. Fortunately, we have something for that: no less than 10 practical and directly applicable tips with which you can deliver your proposal perfect and on time.

10 inspiration tips for making a proposal

Tip 1: make appointments

When you make appointments during the conversation with the customer or prospect, promise him when he has the offer in house. That promise motivates you to start the proposal on time.

Tip 2: Do not be distracted

Our brain is addicted to stimuli. Phones, laptops, smartwatch that constantly distract us with light and sound. Papers on your desk, Pling! Oh mail, let's see! By giving in to this temptation, you reward your brain with dopamine that activates your reward and pleasure centers. That's good for your brain, but less for your focus. Therefore, please turn off your notifications, clean up your desk and keep your previously made notes handy. Using a tool like Freedom.to can also help big time.

Tip 3: The conversation

Think back to that nice conversation you had. Thinking back to it puts you in the right mood. You immediately remember what the most important issues were, what you said about them and... in what words. When you draw up your proposal in the style or atmosphere of the conversation, it significantly increases the chances of success. You take the customer or prospect back to your pleasant conversation and the right language puts him at ease.

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities

Tip 4: Just start

Not everyone is the same and that's why this tip might be for you! Just start writing without thinking things over. Throw uncertainties overboard and write the first thing that comes to mind with questions such as where and why does the customer need help, what we can offer him and what will it bring to him. Keep writing and ignore any mistakes. Especially if you have perfectionist features, soon become your own enemy. So, throw it out and only then structure everything, shorten and improve.

Tip 5: Take distance

Taking a distance can be very clever. You feel responsible and involved in your work and you would like to make the perfect proposal, but there are often other tasks on your to do list. Try to literally take a little distance. Sleep on it for a night, take a walk in the break or hop on your bike and do your shopping instead of in the evening by car. Back behind your laptop? Then critically look at all the work and set your priorities again. Day chaos in your head and hello creativity!

Helicopter view to avoid writer's block

Tip 6: Create your own routine

This tip comes from the world of writers. They know like no other how frustrating it is when you get stuck. Many writers have devised a routine or ritual to prevent a writer's block. They are preparing themselves or their surroundings to get into a good writing mode. That can be anything: a favorite CD, open the window and hear the birds whistle, make a café latte, a meditation, everything. Think about what stimulates and brings you into a flow and write strong proposals!

Tip 7: Break your routine

The routine in tip 6 helps a lot of people, but also turn things around. It could just turn out positive. You see things from a different perspective. Very useful when you don't have your plan or advice clear yet.

Tip 8: Refresh your motivation

Lost motivation for a moment? Think of your most successful proposals and what they have resulted in: beautiful assignments, long-term collaborations, new customers etc. If you remind yourself of these successes, you will be motivated again in no time and that is noticeable. You're going like a train again!

Tip 9: Keep a fixed structure

In the blog 'The ideal build-up for a proposal' you will find everything about the ideal build-up of proposals. Ideal because it's nice to read, you bring the customer or prospect into the chord mode but also ideal for yourself. You will see that you come to a clear and convincing proposal faster. Make a blueprint of the build-up right away. No, not in Word, but with the proposal software. Super easy, create a template once and ready to use for your next proposals. In addition, Offorte can be used with multiple users at the same time and share visuals, videos and other successful content blocks with your colleagues.

Tip 10: Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of the Offorte tool... it recently has a new tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you create texts. This new feature writes texts and variations based on a little bit of human input. Use the tool to make a start and brainstorm so to the perfect text. Read more about this new innovative tool on the following blog: AI Textwriter.

Gabriëlle de Sain

Gabriëlle de Sain

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - Create Proposal


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