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How to create proposals with a high win factor

How do some people do it anyway... One offer after another is approved. In addition to a rock-solid offer, there is a good chance that the favor factor plays a major role here. Find out what that favor factor is, how to create and increase it yourself.

Create proposals with favoreable factors

How do some people do it anyway... One offer after another is approved. In addition to a rock-solid offer, there is a good chance that the favor factor plays a major role here. Find out what that favor factor is, how to create and increase it yourself.

What is the win factor

Well, what is it. Without getting floaty, I think you best describe the gun factor as the x factor and that can be anything. These are personal factors such as your appearance, way of communicating, authenticity. It occurs when a customer or prospect experiences you (and your way of communicating or acting) as pleasant, reliable, recognizable and authentic. The customer finds you sympathetic and we say yes more quickly to someone we find sympathetic. A high win factor is therefore extremely important for companies. Time to take a closer look at this factor and find out how to increase it. In your conversations and... in your proposals!

Creating and increasing the win factor

You won't be surprised if I say it all starts with the first contact. A good conversation is the beginning of the award factor and at the same time the basis for a strong proposal. Want to read more about good sales conversations? Then click here. In this blog, we continue with the 5 best tips to increase the win factor.

People buy from people they trust and they trust people they like.
— Garrison Wynn

Tip 1: Keep appointments

A no brainer, but if you have agreed that you will send the proposal within 5 days, do so. Preferably a little earlier so that the customer or prospect sees that you are keeping to the agreements and appreciates your enthusiasm. Trust is not only the key for successful, sustainable business relationships, but also for increasing the favor factor.

Tip 2: Tone of voice

I didn't come up with the proverb “the tone makes the music.” We all know that the way around communicating has more impact than anything. Dive into the customer so that you understand each other faster and everyone feels comfortable. When you feel comfortable, you are relaxed and open to the other person and their proposals. Find the right tone and incorporate it into your proposal. If you have tutoyed each other so far, include this in your proposal. It would be strange if you suddenly started acting formal. That makes the customer more insecure or even worse: suspicious!

Tip 3: Confident and Positive

It has been investigated that, secretly or openly, we love confident, positive people. That's why they have so many followers on social media. We are delighted by their positive and confident behavior. They have a higher favor factor than insecure or negative people. Therefore, make sure that your proposals radiate strength and confidence. You achieve this by writing clearly, concretely and, above all, positively. Vague proposals are like sailing without a course. And if you don't know where you're going... Always stay alert to avoid being found arrogant (think tip #2). Try writing with the thought as if you've already received the assignment and can't wait to get started together. Because of this thought, you naturally become positive and it is almost impossible for you to be found arrogant. Every now and then, write in the “we form” to underline your cooperation. Finally: also pay attention to the design of your offer. Choose beautiful, inspiring images that illustrate a positive experience and further increase the favor factor.

Tip 4: Be honest and recognize your limits

A confident and positive attitude is fine, but you don't overestimate yourself, your service or product. After the conversation, you may have come to the conclusion that you were a little too enthusiastic about your proposed solution. Acknowledge your limits and state it openly and honestly, including in your proposals. Your honesty only increases the favor factor. Of course, it doesn't mean that it stops here. It goes without saying that you offer an alternative that does work.

Tip 5: Keep in touch

If you have any questions, ask them. Never feel too big to ask questions. It improves your offer and you also increase the favor factor. The customer notices that you take the company or the request for help seriously, which strengthens trust in you and a good and, above all, suitable proposal. Furthermore, always contact us after you have sent the proposal. By far, following up proposals by telephone exceeds the follow-up via e-mail. The conversation activates the previously created favor factor and it offers you the chance to answer questions or remove doubts.


You activate the win factor through a good conversation and then increase it by:

  • keeping agreements
  • making clear, concrete offers
  • the right tone
  • positive use of language
  • supporting media (design)
  • honesty about borders
  • contact with the customer (before, during and after the proposal and/or assignment)

That way, there is a good chance that customers will choose you instead of a competitor!

Gabriëlle de Sain

Gabriëlle de Sain

Thursday, August 25, 2022 - Create Proposal


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