Text layout is inconsistent on different devices

A proposal is displayed on multiple screen sizes and will always adjust to give a customer the best view. Each device on which the proposal can be viewed has different screen sizes. On a tablet, there is less space and therefore less text fits on a line, this line is broken and skips to the next line. This is normal browser behaviour and is good, because it ensures that your content is legible on all screens.

For example, if you use a lot of spaces to align things in your text, this will show nicely on one screen size and less neatly on another screen. Your spaces in your layout then only work for 1 type of screen size and break your lines on smaller screens.

You can solve this by no longer adding so many spaces to your descriptions. It is better to use the bullet list (bullet list) format, for example, it automatically indents for you and shows well on any screen size. Select a piece of text and then click on the bullet list from the top menu.

We also do not recommend the use of complex tables within your text, it is better to use an Offorte table section, because it also adjusts automatically. It's also possible to use the block margins to align your content.

Example video

The following video clearly shows the difference when formatting your text using spaces or using the bullet list and block margins. The video shows what happens on different screen sizes.

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