Proposal status and expiration explained

A proposal has different statuses (edit, online, agreed, closed, archive). These are visible in the left menu and you can use them to display the proposals of the relevant selected status. You can change the status of a proposal via the proposal details.

Explanation status:

Work in progress
The proposal is not visible to the customer and you can prepare it

You have sent the proposal link to the customer. The proposal is now accessible to the customer. If you want to make changes, it is best to create a new version and make the adjustments. When your version is ready, you can activate it so that the changes are also visible to the customer

All approved proposals are here and can no longer be edited. These are accessible to the customer and also contain the signatures. When you change the status of an approved proposal, you also remove the signature.

When a proposal is rejected by a customer, you can give him this status. The proposal is no longer accessible to the customer

These offers are not accessible to the customer

Proposal Expiration

A proposal does not expire automatically. The personalization tags that display the expiration date are purely textual and have no further impact on the status of the proposal. This "soft" expiration date is because people generally want to score the assignment and an expiration date is not hard in most cases. If you do have to deal with circumstances that can cause the price to change, you could use the Automations to have a proposal automatically change its status (archive/closed) after a certain date.

Change status

The following video shows how you can change the status

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