Change currency

You can change the currency in two places:

Account level
This can be changed through the Settings > Account details, here you have the currency option. This will affect the user interface currency display, but not the actual proposals themselves.

Proposal level
When you create a proposal you get the option to assign a text template (you can also change the text template through the proposal details settings btw). Within the text template there is a currency option. That way you are able to determine the currency on proposal level. You can change the text templates themselves through the Settings > Text templates menu.

First step is to make sure your Text template has the right currency. Navigate to Settings> Text templates and select your text template. Here you have the Currency option which you can change:

Change currency

Next step is to make sure your proposal has this text template assigned. Go to the Proposals overview and select your proposal to view it's details. In the details your text template should be selected (language menu):

Change currency

The following video also gives some explanation on this topic at the beginning

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