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A higher chance of success by using a proposal program

Companies are increasingly making use of effective quotation programs. The professional appearance and ease of use for the customer increases the chance of success.

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of using a proposal program to generate quotations. The chance of success of the business proposal is increased by the professional appearance of the quotation and the ease of use for the customer. There is a real-time overview of the sales pipeline. There is also active reporting of developments, such as the opening or approval of quotations by the customer.

Use by large enterprises and SMEs

Large companies with a complex sales structure make extensive use of quotation software. A predefined layout and the use of elements from the shared library ensures a professional, uniform look. These elements can be images, interactive pricing tiers or product sheets.

In addition, the quotation programs provide an overview of the total sales pipeline. As soon as a quotation is sent, it is included in the overview. Activities of the recipient are monitored in real time. When the customer asks questions or approves the quotation, you will be notified.

Professional quotation

You can use various templates in your own house style. You can easily add elements such as photos, videos, price lists or links and the personalization function of the quotation program of Offorte prevents mistakes when cutting and pasting old quotations.

Because the elements of a quotation are stored in a shared library, drawing up a convincing quotation is not a time-consuming job and errors are prevented. The consistent look creates a professional impression and the interactivity ensures ease of use for the customer. The latter can digitally approve the quotation and adjust price tiers himself.

Everything under control with the quotation program

The software allows you to link the quotation directly to your general sales conditions or special conditions. In this way, it is clear to all involved departments within the organization how the order should be handled. You can provide the quotation with price tiers or other, more complex elements that can influence the price. In the event of changes in the quotation process, the quotation program keeps track of exactly which version is applicable.

Effective follow-up of the sales pipeline

Thanks to the total overview of all quotations, you know exactly in which phase the outstanding quotations are. In the event of developments such as a question from the customer or approval of the quotation, a notification is given and a response can be immediate. Thanks to the detailed insight, you can see at a glance which follow-up steps are required per quotation and you can literally drag them to the next phase. This allows you to work more effectively and increase your chances of scoring. Quotation programs have become an indispensable tool in the all-important sales funnel trajectory!

Delia van der Stek

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - Proposal program


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