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proposal automation: efficient and yet personal

Automation of your proposal process makes proposals more fun. Discover how to stay personal and never miss a deal again.

Automate business proposals

Consider the following statements:

  • Making proposals is boring and time consuming.
  • Different layouts for proposals circulate within our team.
  • I want to work smarter, more fun and more customer and result-oriented.

Recognizable? Then choose automation of the proposal process. Impersonal? Not really!

Automated proposals, what do you mean by that?

Good question! Many people think that automated proposals mean the same thing as automated proposals. But nothing is less true. With automatic proposals, you have a prospect fill in a few questions on your website and two minutes later there is an automatically generated, often impersonal proposal in his mailbox. These types of proposals are more global proposals. You see that these are more likely to result in new questions than a signature.

You can make an automated proposal with an online proposal tool. You make the proposal with the help of a smart program, with which you turn your offer into an unprecedentedly beautiful, interactive presentation. From the library containing customized templates and other elements that enhance your proposal, you can create an irresistible offer in a short time. You only have to focus on the earlier conversation, the substantive offer and of course the financial picture. Sending and managing proposals is also a lot easier because the sales process is automated. The sent offers can be perfectly followed up by the statistics and notifications of the program. And last but not least, the digital signing of offers has demonstrably lowered the threshold. This means that a proposal is approved more quickly. This automated way of making proposals is, in contrast to the automatic proposals, very personal and has many advantages. Curious? Discover all the benefits or request a free trial account now!

The benefits of automated proposals:

Make proposals efficiently

An online proposal tool makes the preparation of proposals a lot more efficient. With a proposal tool you have a) everything in one place and b) you have your own success library. It contains templates with convincing texts, reinforcing visuals, videos or a digital About us page. So no time is wasted in rebuilding proposals over and over again. In short: a place for everyone with all the necessary elements to make an irresistible proposal in no time!

Uniform professional appearance leads to higher conversion

Did you know that large organizations in particular struggle to maintain the desired corporate identity? Updates are communicated, but everyone has their own favorite version, with the result that customers receive different, often outdated formats. This creates confusion for the customer. Consistency in the use of logo, color and structure is super important, however. Consistency creates trust and… sales. According to a study on brand consitency (Lucipress), it can even generate 33% more turnover.

Converting proposals

Customers are warmed by contemporary, uniform offers with a professional appearance. The great thing about an online proposal tool is that you are always assured of the correct design, logos and colors. You never have to worry again. The house style has been entered in advance down to the smallest details. So crafting is no longer an option. Everyone automatically sends the same proposal and that makes everyone happy!

Higher success rate

Today we are much more visual than before. An online, interactive proposal with all information clearly arranged and easy on the eyes has a much greater chance of success than a boring, thick package of paper. Surprise the customer or prospect with a modern proposal with visuals, instruction or other videos. Relevant, attractive visuals that match the question or solution make your proposal a lot more personal. You can also ask questions directly via an interactive proposal or approve the proposal immediately online. You can score points with this!

Link with CRM

You can easily link most proposal tools with your CRM database. This way you can be sure that you are always right with the addressing and personal data. This information is automatically loaded with each new proposal. Better safe than sorry!

Better follow-up

Calling back a proposal is an important part of the sales process. But when do you call? Suppose you haven't heard anything yet, will you call a day or a week after sending? You don't want to appear uninterested, but you don't want to seem pushy. How nice would it be if you were sure that your proposal had been viewed? Right, that talks a lot easier. Via a proposal program you can see exactly when and how often your proposal has been viewed. You will receive a notification every time the proposal is viewed. So you always respond at exactly the right time.

Better team results

An online proposal program can be used by several users. Your team is guaranteed to perform better. Everything is accessible and usable for everyone. Making proposals just becomes fun! You and your colleagues share visuals and successful content blocks. Because of the insight you get through the statistics and notifications, you are always aware of all proposals and their status. You are ready for the perfect follow-up every day and at any time and it shows in the results!

Gabriëlle de Sain

Gabriëlle de Sain

Saturday, August 8, 2020 - Create Proposal


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