Add users and manage permissions

If you have a Teams subscription, you can add a new user under the heading Account => Users.

Without a Teams subscription it is not possible to work with multiple users in the same account. Under the heading Account you can find all subscription data and if necessary upgrade to the Teams subscription so that you can add users.

Sending proposals & customer inquiries

Quotes are sent from the name of the user who created the quote. He / she will also receive the notifications and questions, etc. A prospect can click on the "Ask question" button in the quotation view. The quote sender will then receive a message and can enter the answer in the quote view under "Ask question".

Explanation Rights profiles:


This profile has access to do everything: user creation, favorites management, subscription settings, quotes, contacts etc.

Content Manager

The Content Manager profile can manage the favorites and templates and of course the regular things like quotes and contacts.


A user with the User profile can create & manage quotes and contacts, but has no ability to create or manage favorites.

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