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With the Offorte proposal software, you take your sales process to a higher level. Save time, work smarter and maximise the result. Focus on the content, the rest automatically takes care of the software for you.

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Create and automate unique quotations smarter with proposal software

With Offorte's proposal software, you can work more easily and automate parts of the quotation process. After the setup of the tool, the design, layout and personalization are automatically arranged for you. So no more searching & replacing and you can easily search all your previously written texts. Build a library with quote building blocks and use them easily when writing your quote.

Sales process

When you have sent the quotation with the quotation software and the customer opens the proposal, you will receive a notification. Within the quotation, a prospect can ask questions directly online and download a PDF. If the offer is approved, the customer will digitally sign and you will receive a message again.

Beautiful convincing presentations with a distinctive character

Automate the sales process & save time when creating proposals

Manage and send your proposals from within your browser

Why create proposals with Offorte?

The goal of Offorte is to make your life easier when you make quotes and to win more new assignments with the quote tool. We're helping companies win new business since 2010.

We help you make winning quotes using beautiful unique interactive presentations. No more boring, gray quotes who look like an invoice. You can plan your succession perfectly with notifications and statistics. Digital signing provides an accessible way to get more proposals approved.

Making, sending and managing quotations is a lot easier with the software because the sales process is automated. You can place content in your quote from the library. The quotation tool enables a modern working method with the option of easy collaboration.

The Dutch support team helps you quickly online with the best solutions. All customer feedback is used to continuously improve and expand the quotation system.

Upselling pricetables

Add pricing options and discounts to a proposal with the interactive pricing tables. Your prospect is in control to compile the desired price. This also reduces the reciprocal coordination which usually belongs to a quotation process.

Statistics and notifications

In the proposal details you can see when and how often a proposal has been viewed by a prospect. When a proposal is viewed for the first time, or is viewed after some time of not being accessed, you will be notified by email.

Beautiful design to suit your branding

Templates can be created within the system to match your company's branding. Offorte ensures that all your proposals from that point on are created with the same formatting, for maximum consistency.

Online question and acceptance facility

When a prospect is viewing a proposal, you can ask them a question from within the proposal itself. Acceptance of a proposal is also done online and you are automatically notified when this happens.

Proposal overview and contacts

With the quotation overview you have easy access to all quotations and you immediately see how the quotation pipeline has been filled. The contacts section contains all companies and contact persons, with of course the quotations made per customer.


Often-used pages and paragraphs can be organised in the favourites library and inserted easily into new proposals. Handy!

"With Offorte, common quotations are ready within a few minutes, but fully personalized for the customer. Offorte saves us a lot of work"

Camille Overdevest

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