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Convince your prospects with the help of surprising quotation software

In this blog, we will tell you about the three main advantages of Offorte's quotation software. Convince your prospects!

You can optimize not only the appearance, but also the navigation of a quotation with quotation software. This will take it to the next level, save time and maximize the result. With smart templates and a library, creating a quotation is fast and less prone to errors. The design is automatically arranged, so that a proposal always looks neat and is consistent with your own corporate identity. You will be notified when your prospect has opened or approved the quotation. This way you are always up-to-date and you know exactly when to take action.

In this blog we will tell you about the three main advantages of Offorte's quotation software.

# 1 User-friendly

With quotation software you automate parts of the quotation process. You write, as an email, a preface for your quotation. You then compile the quotation in your own house style with a number of optional components. Things such as design, layout and personalization are arranged for you. You can save frequently used texts and pages in the library and easily reuse them while writing a subsequent quotation. You can also share this with colleagues. You place the quotation link in the email. From that moment on, the status of the quotation is monitored.

# 2 Understanding the sales process

You can follow in real time whether and when a quotation has been opened. With all quotations in one overview and per prospect, an overview of the pipeline is created. You will be notified when prospects request additional information or approve the proposal online. By responding at the right time, more proposals will be approved. The user-friendly online agreement function also has a positive influence on the conversion.

In the detailed view of a quotation you can see exactly when and how often a proposal has been viewed by a prospect. When a proposal is first viewed or after some time of radio silence, you will be notified so that you can respond with appropriate timing. The contact section contains all companies and contact persons with the quotations made per customer.

# 3 Quotation software: effective and time-saving

With the smart templates and library, creating a quotation is a lot faster and less prone to errors. By making use of the online presentation options such as YouTube, a better, more imaginative quotation is made. The design is also automatically arranged for you so that it is always consistent with the corporate identity. By adding interactive price tables, a prospect can compose the desired price himself. With the version management function you keep an overview of changes in the quotation process.

Within the content of a quotation you can use personalization tags for customer data. When a quotation is viewed, these tags are replaced by the customer's data. This way, the wrong company name will never be used accidentally again because you have forgotten to replace it. In short: Offorte's quotation program offers a better appearance, convenience and good results.

Delia van der Stek

Monday, September 7, 2020 - Proposal software


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