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The advantages of a quotation software

It is impossible to generate new business without quotations. Read in this blog what the benefits are of a quotation software for your company.

Making, issuing and checking offers. As an entrepreneur, you cannot ignore it. It is impossible to generate new business without quotations. People often think too easily about making a good quotation. You prefer to be busy with other things. We understand that! As an entrepreneur you prefer to pay attention to your core business. However, making a good quotation does not have to be difficult or time-consuming at all. In this blog you can read what the benefits can be when you use quotation software.

What are the benefits of quotation software?

Quotation software is meant to make your life a bit easier. This tool helps you to make quotations, but also provides more insight and overview, so that you achieve better sales performance and start your business more successfully. Below you will find a list of some possible advantages that a quotation tool can offer you as an entrepreneur:

Increase the success rate of a submitted quotation:
Most quotation softwares give you more insight into your quotations. For example, you know when a quotation has been opened, so that you can follow up on your quotation at the right time. In addition, with some quotation software you can also adjust the design of your quotations, so that it completely matches your house style. Or you can provide the quotation with useful online functionalities. All of this ensures an increased chance of conversion and therefore an increase in the success rate of your released conversion.

Get more insight into the sales process:
With quotation software you can keep a variety of statistics of all quotations issued. From both you and your colleagues. Compare the performance and see what is going well or where adjustments need to be made.

Provide a professional and distinctive presentation:
Quotation software where you can also adjust the design, give you another advantage. Because you can continue the corporate identity in the quotations, this ensures a consistent, professional and distinctive appearance. Can you also add online functionalities? Then this increases your presentation possibilities and your distinctive character.

Save time and costs:
Quotation software thus ensures that you can issue, follow up and monitor quotations faster and more efficiently. In addition, you can also work less error-prone.

Collaborate more easily:
For example, by sharing good quotations with your colleagues, it is easier to work together within your company.

Switch faster:
Besides knowing when your quotation has been opened by the potential customer, quotation software offers more advantages. For example, a quotation tool can shorten the line with your prospect. For example, when you can also add online functionalities, where both parties also have the option to ask or answer questions directly. Or when a proposal can be approved immediately.

Surprise prospects:

Can you tailor the design of a quotation completely to your prospect, including an interactive presentation. Then your quotation will stand out regardless of the content.

Try out quotation software for free?

Which can! You can try the Offorte quotation software for free for 14 days without any further obligations. Click here, register and experience the convenience and the possibilities for yourself and determine the added value for your company.

Convinced yet? Then view our subscription options. This means that no major investment is necessary. In addition, you benefit from a system that is continuously developed and updated.

More information or do you have any questions about the possibilities? Also view our website or ask your question online!

Delia van der Stek

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - Proposal software


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