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With Offorte you create and present online proposals that tell your story. Impress customers with a proposal that fits seamlessly and exceeds expectations. Experience the quotation program and win more assignments.

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Creating successful proposals selling your passion

No hassle with Word and Pdf. No boring order confirmations that look like an invoice. From your browser you can quickly and automatically create digital quotations that help you with the sales process. With the help of the smart notifications you can follow up at the right time.


Beautiful convincing presentations with a distinctive character


Automate the sales process & save time when creating proposals


Manage and send your proposals from within your browser

Building blocks that help with sales success and automate the quotation process

Offorte offers you building blocks that help you to put together your quotes more conveniently and easily. In addition, there are various options for working together with your colleagues.

Offorte explained

Creating a winning proposal is an art and can be time consuming. Since 2010 we are helping companies creating better proposals by delivering high quality proposal software. In a glance, the software works as follows:

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The first steps are to create a proposal template and modify the look & feel. With these templates you can create new proposals and these will save you lots of time.


Create and send a proposal

Choose your template, fill in the clients details and modify the contents to suit the clients needs. Click on send and receive a notification when your proposal is viewed by your client.


Signed proposal

The customer views your proposal online on his computer, tablet or mobile phone and has the possibility to ask questions and sign the proposal online.

"Our field service likes to work with Offorte a lot. They help us to offer a professional image to our prospects. Offorte is easy to use and looks slick on any device."

Bob America
Commercial Director, Staffable Payroll

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Proposal examples

Curious what an Offorte quote looks like? Via the following link you can view some examples of proposals made with Offorte in different styles.

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Discover all the powerful proposal software functionalities with which you can create, manage and win your proposals.

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